AMAZONE machinery programme

Amazone is the harvest to harvest specialist and caters for all farm sizes and budgets. There is a comprehensive range of fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, PTO-driven soil tillage equipment and both solo and combination seed drills. For precision sowing the high speed EDX maize drill brings a whole new dimension to outputs whereas non-powered cultivators and compact disc harrows offer optimum straw incorporation with minimal diesel consumption. Also. Amazone have been at the forefront of precision farming since 1995 and variable rate application come as standard with all forward-speed related spreading and spraying systems.

In the focus: Cirrus as machine of the year 2018!

Focus-Maschine 2018: Die Anhängesäkombination Cirrus als

With working widths from 3 to 6 m and hopper sizes of 3,000 to 3,600 l this pneumatic sowing combination convinces by ist excellent work performance at plough- and mulch sowing. With the RoTeC pro single disc coulters and the TwinTeC+ double disc coulters even two different sowing coulters are available from choice.

Innovations from Amazone


The objective of all new developments from AMAZONE is to enable farmers and agricultural contractors to further lower production costs, to increase the work rates and to promote an even more efficient mode of operation.

Groundcare, landscape, construction and municipal machinery

Groundcare, landscape, construction and municipal machinery

Municipal machinery for green area and amenity management in either a sports or parks & garden environment and also horse and pony paddock maintenance for improved equine health.

Spreaders for winter application and road construction

Spreaders for winter application and road construction

Spreaders for use in winter service for salt and grit application. Flexible concept also enables their use for top-dressing soil / grit mixes for golf courses and municipal areas as well as for fertiliser spreading on green amenity areas. Hopper capacities up to 1000 litres

Fertilising technology

Düngerstreuer (Beispiel)

For fertilisation: Centrifugal mounted spreaders and trailed bulk material spreaders with working widths from 10 to 52 m.

Crop protection technology


For crop protection: Mounted, trailed and self-propelled crop protection sprayers in working widths from 12 to 40 m, with tank sizes from 900 to 11.200 litres

Passive soil tillage


For stubble cultivation and soil tillage: passive compact disc harrows, rotary cultivators, cultivator-disc harrow combinations, rotary cultivators, rotary harrows and land rollers.

Rollers passive soil tillage


For all operational demands there is a suitable roller for depth control and reconsolidation: either cage, tooth packer or wedge ring rollers.

Active soil tillage, deep loosener

Aktive Bodenbearbeitung, Tieflockerer

TL deep loosener for the combination with rotary harrow or rotary cultivator - for the conventional soil tillage, also at much straw on the surface.

Rollers - active soil tillage

Walzen aktive Bodenbearbeitung

 Following rollers for the linkage to rotary harrows and rotary cultivators.

Catch crop sowing technology

Zwischenfrucht Sätechnik

For fine seed and catch crops: GreenDrill pneumatic pack top seed drills for the combination with soil tillage implements and seed drills.  

Mechanical sowing technology

Mechanische Sämaschinen D9 und AD

Mechanical seed drills for solo operation or in combination with rotary cultivator or rotary harrow.

Pneumatic sowing technology

Pneumatische Sämaschinen

Pneumatic seed drills, combined with active or passive soil tillage technology.

Precision seeding technology


Pneumatic precision air seeders in working widths from 3 to 9 metres.

Transport systems


The KR coupling frame offers versatile possibilities for the operation with the ED precision air seeder, the D9 seed drill or the Catros compact disc harrow in 9 and 12 m working width.  

ISOBUS electronics


Electronics have become an important part of intelligent crop production as they make available many cost-effective new technologies into practice. In this way sensor systems, control and regulation technology allow considerable saving in operating costs, help to make better use of the yield potential and at the same time are environmentally friendly.

Municipal machinery

Kommunaltechnik & Weidemanagement

Municipal machinery for green area management and paddock maintenance.



AMAZONE claims to provide the market with machines which feature both, optimum functional safety and a high security of the product.