Cirrus 03: Maschine des Jahres 2015!

Faster, more efficient, better! Cirrus 03: Machine of the year 2015! Additional Information ...

Conventional seed drill combinations

Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill

Amazone, Mechanische Säkombination Cataya

Combined with the KE rotary harrow, the KX/KG rotary cultivators or the mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow, the conventional Cataya harrow-mounted seed drill is the ideal machine for sowing after the plough or mulch sowing.

D9 mounted seed drill

Anbau-Sämaschine D9 3000

Designed for the smaller, medium or large size farm for either conventional or mulch sowing. Working widths 2.50 to 12.00 metres.

AD Pack Top seed drill

Aufbau-Sämaschine AD

AD Special and AD Super for till and drill combinations in working widths of  2.50  to 4.00 m.

D9 6000 TC trailed seed drill

Amazone D9 6000-TC „Combi“

The D9 "Combi" mechanical seed drill with a working width of 6 m  has been designed especially for mounting on to smaller tractors with little lifting power.

50 years of AMAZONE drill combinations

50 Jahre AMAZONE Säkombinationen

A special report highlighting the successful 50 years' history of PTO-driven active seed drill combinations from AMAZONE.