Rollers passive soil tillage

Reconsolidation and depth control: AMAZONE offers the right roller for any soil and for any farm. 

SW cage roller

Amazone Stabwalze

For depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. Outer diameter  520 mm and 600 mm.

PW Tooth packer roller


Recompaction area covering over the entire surface. Outer diameter 420, 500 and 600 mm.

KW Wedge ring roller


Highly reconsolidated strips for seed placement. Especially well suited for heavy and wet soils. Outer diameter 520 and 580 mm.

Wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile

Keilringwalze mit Matrixreifenprofil KWM

For the reconsolidation of the soil in strips as well as an improved self-driving effect from the Matrix profile. Outer diameter 650 mm.

TW tandem roller

Tandemwalze TW

For a good crumbling effect, primarily on light to medium heavy soils. Outer diameter 520/380 mm.

UW U-profile roller


The lighter version of the Double-U profile roller, especially for mounted implements. 580 mm outer diameter.

DUW Double-U profile roller


The Double-U Profile roller shows its strength especially on very light land. Diameter 580 mm each.

WW angle profile roller

Winkelwalze für Catros und Cenius

For the operation on medium to heavy soils without stones, outer diameter 580 mm.

DW disc roller


The disc roller has been designed in particular for operation on heavy, moist soils. The basic design consists of enclosed welded steel dishes with serrated outer rims mounted in pairs. Outer diameter 600 mm.

DDW double disc roller


The Double-Disc-Roller with two rollers, each of 600 mm diameter, is especially suited for the Operation on heavy and moist soils.