Save £250/furrow on Cayros ploughs - an opportunity not to be missed

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17 June 2019


Cayros ploughs – Buy Now and Save!

The Cayros is the perfect match for any farm
Cayros mounted reversible ploughs come in a comprehensive range from 2 to 6 furrows and with a choice of 8 different plough bodies to suit individual soil conditions. With point to point clearances from 850 mm through to 1050 mm, and underbeam clearances of up to 82 cm, there is plenty of room to get both soil through and organic material buried.

For the operator, the main benefit of the Cayros is its easy setting and comfortable operation. The simple adjustment of the skimmers and rear disc plus the comfortable changeover into the transport position all go towards making sure that the plough is doing what it is designed to do; invert and bury.
There are also multiple configurations that you can specify - variable working width adjustment, hydraulic front furrow width control, hydraulic stone overload safety protection system, packer arm, road lighting, etc., etc.

The plough can also grow thanks to the extendable beam option, e. g. 4 + 1 furrows.

The ©plus hardening process – keep those running costs down to a minimum
As manufacturers of wearing parts for the soil tillage industry, AMAZONE can look back on a history spanning decades. Continuous advancements in materials and production techniques, as well as our know-how in heat treatment, lies behind the production of plough wearing metal parts of the highest quality.
Carbon in its purest form, diamond, is the hardest material nature has to offer. A hardening process involving the introduction of carbon into the steel is used to increase the hardness and durability of ©plus wear parts.
AMAZONE achieves, through this unique hardening process, an extremely high level of hardness on the face of parts such as mouldboards and so offers the optimum wear resistance. The reverse side remains relatively soft but at the same time extremely tough and impact resistant.
This results in unique ©plus advantages for mouldboards, shins and slats:
• Longer service life
• High impact resistance
• Less pulling power requirement
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Less sticking to the smoother outer surface

An opportunity not to be missed

Don’t miss this excellent offer when purchasing a new Cayros plough as there is a special discount of £250 plus VAT per pair of ©plus bodies. This means, for example, that the purchase of a 6-furrow Cayros plough enjoys a total saving of £1,500 plus VAT.

To find out more on the Cayros ploughs and this exciting offer then download the brochure 

(This Focus offer is only valid with the purchase of a new Cayros plough. For a binding quotation, please contact your local AMAZONE sales partner. This campaign is valid only for Great Britain and runs from 1st May, 2019 to 30th November, 2019 and cannot be combined with another offer)