Rollers - active soil tillage

The comprehensive range of following rollers means that there is always the optimum choice depending on whether it is targeted consolidation to the seed row or just depth control for the soil tillage tool that is required.

SW cage roller

Stabwalze SW

For depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. Outer diameter 420 and 520 mm.

PW tooth packer roller

Zahnpackerwalze PW

The PW tooth packer rollers offer reconsolidation over the entire soil surface. Outer diameter of 420, 500 or 600 mm.

KW wedge ring roller

Keilringwalze KW

The highly reconsolidated strips make the wedge ring roller ideal for seed placement. Especially well suited to heavy and wet soils. Outer diameter of either 520 and 580 mm.

CDW cracker disc roller

Cracker-Disc-Walze CDW

Improves the soil structure, especially on very heavy soils and leaves a fine-crumbed seedbed. Outer diameter 550 mm.

Wedge ring roller with KWM Matrix tyre profile

Amazone Keilringwalze mit Matrixreifenprofil KWM

For flexible operation on virtually all soils and under any conditions. Outer diamater 600 mm.

TRW trapezium roller

Amazone Trapezringwalze TRW

Especially suited for the operation prior to sowing with double disc coulters. Outer diameter 500 mm or 600 mm.