Developmnent aid project 'Seed drill for Ethiopia'

Auszubildende konstruieren Sämaschine für Äthiopien

In the framework of a development aid project four Amazone trainees have designed a seed drill for the operation in Ethiopia.

ACTIVE Farming - AMAZONE field trials

ACTIVE-Farming - Amazone-Versuchsflächen

In order to investigate the "teamwork" between soil tillage, sowing, fertilisation and crop protection in an overall system, AMAZONE has now, for many years, carried out field trials at different sites across the world. The results of these trials keep you up to date as to how establishment costs can be reduced.

The EnviroSafe concept

nachhaltig wirtschaften

In order to maintain the natural capacity of the resources of soil, air and water for future generations, our customers in agriculture and municipal services not only aim to be efficient, they also wish to operate on a sustainable basis. We, as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, must also shoulder some of this responsibility by developing suitable equipment and “intelligent” agricultural methods.

Conscientious fertiliser spreading

Gewissenhaft Dünger streuen

The individual physical properties of a fertiliser exert a big influence on both the lateral distribution and the spread rate. For the mainline fertiliser types, AMAZONE prepares the data for the setting charts of each individual spreader model in the AMAZONE fertiliser test hall. This data can be accessed on the internet from the AMAZONE fertiliser database.
On top of this for fertilisers, whose origin is unknown and its spreadability uncertain, there is available also the AMAZONE “fertiliser service”. The "AMAZONE fertiliser service” determines the individual spreading qualities of your fertiliser based on testing a 3 kg sample and provides in return the basic setting recommendations in respect to the desired working width(s).
Another possibility on offer is the “mobile test kit “. By utilising this kit the lateral distribution can be checked in the actual field. More information on the topic of "conscientious fertiliser spreading" can be found in the Info sheet for Download