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Black Pantera Tour 2020 postponed

The Black Pantera Tour 2020 has unfortunately been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

With the issues facing Europe currently with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Pantera Tour 2020 is on hold, we will be in touch to let you know when this has been rescheduled.

Getting the best from your EasyCheck mats

EasyCheck is the quick and simple way of checking the spread pattern

EasyCheck is a quick and simple means of checking the spread pattern on your Amazone fertiliser spreader. Find out here how to get the best from those EasyCheck mats.

The new UX Super - more than just a good boom ride

The new UX Super offers ContourControl boom guidance for precise chemical application

AMAZONE UX sprayers come with the ultimate package of features when it comes to agrochemical application. The UX 01 Super comes in tank sizes of 4,600 litres, 5,600 litres and 6,600 litres actual as well as the impressive 12,000 litre tandem axle UX 11201 Super. 

ZA-V now with EasySet 2

The new EasySet 2 offers speed-related application rate control as well as individual shutter control

As a more comfortable alternative to the usual hydraulic shutter actuation found on the entry-level ZA-V fertiliser spreaders, AMAZONE now offers the EasySet 2 in-cab terminal. 

Great pre-winter offers on salt spreaders

Get winter ice and snow clearance under control with the E+S

Working in and around car parks, pedestrian areas, roadways and parks, when it comes to needing to make those slippery, icy conditions safe then look no further than the EK-S and E+S winter salt spreaders. Buy now for some great out of season offers

Orchard Farm - the build

Orchard Farm Training, Education & Research Centre under construction

Set in over 30 acres of arable land, 3 years in the planning and 1 year in construction, Amazone's Training, Education & Research Centre rises up out of the old farm buildings to become one of the state-of-the-art manufacturers' facilities in British Agriculture.

Amatechnica 2019 - the full story

The crowds rolled in to what turned out to be a great day at Orchard Farm

Back in May, Orchard Farm opened its doors for the first time to both farmers and dealers with the biannual Amatechnica. With a theme that encompassed both old and new technologies, the attendees were introduced to a line-up of sprayers representing 50 of AMAZONE crop protection as well as given in-depth access to the latest innovations and trends from the industry at large. Enjoy the day again in video.

The new Profihopper PH1500 gets out in the field

PH1500 has been spotted out and about in action

Following on from its public showing at IOG Saltex 2018, the new Profihopper PH1500 SmartLine is now out in the field. 

50 years of Amazone crop protection

The changing technology in 50 years of Amazone sprayers

 It was 1969, which is now 50 years ago, when AMAZONE introduced its first crop protection sprayer. Our objective in those days was, and still is today, to constantly strive to improve crop protection technology by being innovative.

Cirrus now with Minimum TillDisc

Low disturbance drilling can alleviate that secondary flush of grass weeds

With the Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment, the Cirrus gets a new special option in place of the cultivation discs. 

iF Design Award for AmaTron 4

AmaTron 4 wins the coveted iF Design Award

In a further design success for Amazone, the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal has been awarded the coveted iF Design Award 2019. The intuitive handling and the unique, tablet style design of the terminal were picked out as being of an exemplary design in the industry.

Bigger one gets smaller

The new UF1602 still has the same level of toys but is just a bit smaller

AMAZONE has broadened its range of UF 02 mounted sprayers with the new, ISOBUS compatible, UF 1602 with a nominal volume of 1,600 l and an actual volume of 1,700 l. The UF 1602 can be equipped with all Super-S2 booms from 15 m to 30 m.

Clean up with the Profihopper iDrive eco for just £24,850

The unique PowerCompactor system ensure a clean pick up of grass - wet or dry

 Introducing the new Profihopper SmartCut iDrive eco: why buy an ordinary out-front rotary mower when you can buy a Profihopper iDrive SmartCut?

New sprayer factory in Bramsche opens its doors

The new purpose-built Bramsche sprayer factory covers 16,000 sq. m.

 On November 13th, 2018, about a year after building commenced, the Amazone Group officially inaugurated its new sprayer factory in the Schleptrup industrial area near Bramsche.

New Output Calculator is now on-line

Check out your machinery costs with the AMAZONE performance calculator

What working width or what hopper size is required to complete that job in the field - and in an appropriate time? How efficient is that machine per hour, per day or even over the entire season? The Output Calculator helps you decide.

Hall Farming Ltd reap the results of going for all the whistles and bells

WindControl has given Hall Farming more days in which to go spreading

 It was a need to cut down the amount of fertiliser wastage on the headland ins and outs that led Hall Farming Ltd, based at Thornton-le-Dale, North Yorkshire, to start looking at a new spreader. Talking to local AMAZONE dealer, Wilfred Scruton Ltd, about changing to a new AMAZONE ZA-TS spreader, the conversation strayed from not just looking at SectionControl but to look at the ArgusTwin system and also to consider buying into the new WindControl technology?

Three new starters at Amazone Ltd

Three exciting new appointments to the Harworth team

In a continuing commitment to British agriculture, Amazone Ltd has appointed three new members to its field team. 

Even after the end of the Civil War, battles still rage on at the 16th fairway at Ormskirk G.C

Thinning out the rough with the Profihopper is aimed at taking the voracity out of any regrowth

Since his arrival at Ormskirk G.C., head greenkeeper Chris Whittle has been raging war on the rough with a Profihopper with the aim of taking away the vigour in the regrowth

The new AD-P 3001 ecoSPECIAL drill combination - on farm from just £21,950

The new AD-P 3001 Special can be bought on-farm from just £21,950

An AMAZONE AD-P 3001 Special drill combination from just £21,950 +VAT on farm – you should get one soon at this very special price before they are all gone! 

Three exciting new job opportunities within Amazone Ltd

We are looking for candidates to fill three exciting office-based positions at Harworth

Amazone Ltd is expanding at their UK headquarters in Doncaster and are looking to fill three exciting office-based positions.

Work starts on the new factory in Bramsche

The AMAZONE management team and guest visitors break the ground for the new factory in Bramsche

The ever-increasing need for more space for sprayer production sees the AMAZONE Group acquire a 24 ha site at Bramsche. Construction work has now started on the 16,500 m2 assembly halls alongside a new administration building which will house initially production of the UX trailed sprayer range.

AMAZONE Groundcare announce new multi-purpose spreaders

The all new E+S 301 Hydro salt and sand spreaders

The AMAZONE E+S single-disc spreader has always been at the forefront when it comes to flexibility. The brand-new E+S 01 series is fresh from the ground up with its newly-designed hopper, hydraulically-driven spreading disc with electronic in-cab spread width adjustment and speed-related application rate control.

Taking the smooth to the rough at Malton & Norton Golf Club

The Groundkeeper 1800 Drive has been brought in to thin out the long rough

At Malton & Norton Golf Club, Head Greenkeeper Richard Jacques has been using a Groundkeeper 1800 Drive to thin out the long rough with the long term aim of promoting the growth of more feathery grasses to leave a longer, more open finish. The end game will be no less a penalty for poor shots but reduced maintenance and fewer balls being lost resulting in the game being sped up.

The Dynamic Duo seen out spreading in east Devon

The Dynamic Duo stand in front of their DynamicSpread equipped spreaders

On the basis of some excellent results achieved since the purchase of their mounted ZA-TS in 2015, Stuart Partners Ltd of Clyst St. Mary, Exeter made the decision to go large for the 2017 spreading season by taking delivery of a 8,200 litre trailed ZG-TS, from local Amazone dealer Mason Kings.

Turfcare tips: At this time of year, don’t let the grass get away from you

The SmartCut rotor can be set up to mow, clear, scarify or mulch

Those green spaces need knocking back into shape as the relatively mild winter months take their toll on grass swards, and the spring season heralds the start of yet more growth as soil temperatures increase and daylight hours lengthen.

End of Season Groundcare demo equipment offers

A 2015 Profihopper 4WDi is part of the demonstration fleet on offer

As the colder weather starts to bring grass growth down, now is the time to see what machinery needs to be changed for next season. Amazone Groundcare have a number of ex-demonstration machines at fantastic prices for you to consider, take a look at what is on the list and make the most of the savings on offer.

High Laning Caravan & Camping Site benefits enormously from a Profihopper

The Profihopper picks up all in front of it at High Laning Caravan & Camping Site

The Profihopper 4WDi cleans up at High Laning with noticeably less grass being walked into the vans and wash facilities under their new 'cut and collect' regime.  

Catros & Cenius combo improve trafficability on Shropshire farm

Purchasing new Catros and Cenius cultivators has improved effieciency at G & R Mee Partners

Following a demonstration from local dealer Pontesbury Tractors, G & R Mee Partners purchased a pair of Amazone cultivators. Find out how their performance has helped down on the farm.

Shallow min-till plots cut the mustard yet again

The Sampo trials combine weighs in the results at Amazone's establishment plots

At Amazone's long term establishment trial in Tickhill, the shallow and medium-shallow cultivated plots again produced the better yields in this year's first wheat crop of JB Diego.

Groundkeeper keeps Guards Polo Club in mint condition

Amazone Groundkeeper keeps everything looking trim at the Guards Polo Club

The Guards Polo Club, based at Smiths Lawn, Windsor Great Park covers around 130 acres. Head groundsman Peter Svoboda and the team work hard to keep it looking good but luckily there is a fleet of Amazone Groundkeepers on hand to help out though.

Time to mow and mow but don't drop

Why slow mow when you can mow with a Groundkeeper SmartCut flail mower collector

It is that time of year when the grass is growing faster than you can get round with the mower, the heady mix of sunshine, high air temperatures and regular rainfall make for ideal grass growing conditions. Amazone flail mower collectors take the strain out of the pain.

AD-P radically improves the look of family farm

Spring barley goes in with an Amazone AD-P Special combination at TJ & MA Vasey Ltd

Having made the switch to an Airstar Progress in the early 90's, Gritts Farm, Weaverthorpe has never looked back with TJ & MA Vasey Ltd now on their third Amazone combination.

Individual nozzle shut-off comes to mounted sprayers as well as trailed and self-propelled models

Individual nozzle shut-off is possible with both AmaSwitch and AmaSelect

On top of the savings in chemical enabled by GPS-Switch automatic headland shut-off and boom part-width sections, a further 5% saving is possible by going up to individual nozzle shut-off. AmaSwitch and AmaSelect both offer that win-win situation of better chemical utilisation.

Cirrus 4003-2C ISOBUS cultivator drill now comes with fertiliser option

Grain and fertiliser is now an option on the new ISOBUS Cirrus 4003-2 trailed cultivator drills

The trend towards applying fertiliser, particularly phosphate, down the spout when seeding has led to a demand for both trailed passive cultivator drills and tine seeders with a fertiliser option. The new Cirrus 4003-2C fits the bill

Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivators get the C-Mix tines

The C-Mix stone breakaway system from the Cenius TX is now standard on the Cenius Super

Designated as the 03 series, the 3rd generation of the proven Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivator now gets the new C-Mix integrated stone safety system.

Cayron 200VS - 100: the new stone release plough

The new hydraulic stone release cayron plough

Following on from the successful introduction of the Cayron shear bolt ploughs at Cereals 2014, the new hydraulic auto-reset plough will make its debut this year at Chrishall Grange.

A Groundkeeper is for life, not just for Christmas

The old LG120 is usurped by a shiny new GH 1500 SmartCut in the Out with the Old competition

The quest was to find the oldest working Amazone Groundkeeper and the winner is: a 1987 LG120 still going strong and looking after the highways and byways down on the farm in Herefordshire.

The earth moves at Wicks Manor

The Catros+ 12003-2TS covered 3,500 acres of stubble cultivation this autumn at Wicks Manor, Malden, Essex

Flexibility was the key word when it came to needing a cultivator to not only stubble cultivate, but also work following their tine & disc cultivator and after the plough. Howies & Sons, Wicks Manor, turned to the Catros+ 12003-2TS for help.

SectionControl - is it what its shut-off to be?

SectionControl is now stepless on ZA-TS Profis Hydro spreader models

How many section shut-off can your spreader offer? Technology is moving fast with step-less SectionControl now the order of the day 

ZA-V spreaders now in 2600 litres

The ZA-V fertiliser spreader comes now in a 2600 litre base capacity

With the new S 2600 narrow base extension, Amazone has supplemented its ZA-V fertiliser spreader with a new hopper capacity of 2,600 litres.

Machine of the Year: the Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader

ZA-TS is voted Machine of the Year by the German Press

The Amazone ZA-TS spreader with Argus Twin achieved the accolade 'Machine of the Year 2016' at the recent Agritechnica Show

DLG Image Barometer:: top rating for Amazone

4th place for Amazone in the Image Barometer 2015

With an overall score of 52 points, Amazone took 4th place in the annual DLG Image Barometer, improving on their result from the previous year

Double-U packer roller carries the weight of a cultivator on its profile

The new Double-U profile roller is suitable for both the Certos disc harrow and Cenius mulch cultivators

Featuring interlocking 580 mm diameter U-profile rings, Amazone has now included in its range of following rollers the Double-U profile packer for both Certos and Cenius.

Drilling with a starter fertiliser helps plant development

Grain and fertiliser drills are playing a greater part in the Amazone range

The lack of available nutrients in the autumn, particularly Phosphate,can lead to poorer germination and a reduced root development. Starter P down the spout can help counteract this when establishing cereal crops

Is this the oldest Groundkeeper still working?

27 years in the hot seat of his Ford 1210 / Groundkeeper LG120 combination and still going strong

In our quest to find the oldest Groundkeeper our travels took us to Herefordshire and a 1988 LG120 and which was still looking well 

Whisky galore

Amazone's Profihopper flail mower collector makes neat work of the Benraich distillery

Like a good 12 year old malt, the landscaping business of John A. Morrison has matured nicely and now looks after more than a dozen Scotch whisky distilleries in and around a 60 mile radius of their base in Keith, Banffshire.


Making the most of liquid N

Drag hoses are ideal for applications later on in cereal crops and potatoes

With the the days beginning to get longer, thoughts are rapidly turning towards top-dressing cereals and oil seed rape. For those using liquid fertiliser for the task, it means an even busier time for the sprayer.

Sometimes you just know when a piece of kit is right……

Amazone Super-S boom stands the test of time at C.R. Beard Farmers Ltd

.. so says Bob Beard of C.R. Beard Farmers Ltd, farming near Sutton-on-Trent, Notts, who, after 14 years of use, reluctantly parted company last year with his 18 metre UF1201 Amazone sprayer for something different, in his case a 24 metre UF1201 Amazone sprayer!

Nozzles should hit the spot

Nozzle height above crop is paramount in preventing drift

When it comes to getting the best out of any investment in plant protection products then make sure the sprayer is doing its utmost to help 

ZG-TS revolutionises spreading operation for Tayside grower

New trailed spreader takes over high-output fertiliser application for Tayside grower

New trailed spreader takes over high-output fertiliser application for Tayside grower

Seaham town residents enjoy the benefits of 'Cut & Collect'

Seaham residents enjoy the benefits of 'Cut & Collect'

After starting work as an apprentice with Seaham Town Council some 20 years ago, Dan Cahill has recently taken on the role as Operations Manager for the Parks Department.

Conventional tillage - the way forward?

Conventional tillage - the way forward?

Conventional or conservation tillage – does getting off to a clean start pay off?

Pantera turns One at Frank Richardson & Son

Pantera turns One at Frank Richardson & Son

With the candles lit and the singing begun, Frank Richardson & Son Ltd’s Pantera 4001 is celebrating its first birthday doing what it likes best – spraying.

Cirrus Grain & Fert puts in spring barley at contractors A & S Brown

The new Cirrus 6003-2C is seen out and about in Aberdeenshire

As the 2014 spring barley crop went in north of the Border, contractors A & S Brown, at Alford up in Aberdeenshire, were recently spotted using the new Cirrus 6003-2 trailed cultivator drill.

Put some structure back into your seedbeds

Put some structure back into seedbeds

There is now time, in the run up to harvest, to contemplate those bits of soil husbandry that have been needing attention.

Profihopper cleans out Pollok Golf Club

Profihopper cleans out Pollok Golf Club

Founded in 1892, Pollok Golf Club which is situated on the outskirts of Glasgow, has earned an International reputation of being one of the best manicured and maintained inland courses in Scotland.