Electronic systems have become an important part of intelligent crop production because they make available to the practice numerous sensible new technologies. So, sensoric-, control- and regulation technologies allow considerable savings of assets and help to improve the exploitation of yield potentials. At the same time they save the environment. On the other hand the registration of yield relevant parameters (soil and yield values) and operating data and their documentation and evaluation can be increasingly automated.

IT Farming from Amazone - overview

IT-Farming von AMAZONE im Überblick

Amazone summarises its activities round about electronics under the key name IT-Farming. The centre is the ISOBUS Amapad terminal as an universal operater terminal to optimise the operation, rate control, monitoring and documentation at seed drills, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders from Amazone. Due to defined and opened interfaces Amapad is at the same time in the centre of a network for data transfer with different other IT farming technologies.

Machine specific terminals

Die maschinenspezifischen Terminals

As basic equipment for machine operation Amazone offers to the customers machine specific terminals. In their function and display they are matched to the relevant machine and are of good value for money. The electronic remote control of specific functions and the display of different relevant parameters are the centre of operation.

AmaTron 4 terminal

AmaTron 4 teaser1.jpg

With the new AmaTron4 ISOBUS terminal and its 8 inch multi touch colour display AMAZONE has developed an ISOBUS terminal with which comfortable operation on the move seems to be a matter of course.

Amatron 3 terminal

Der Amatron 3 - Einer für alles

Amatron 3 is the machine overlapping operator station for fertiliser spreaders, field sprayers and seed drills and allows the optimised operation of machine functions, rate control and monitoring. Being fully downward compatible to AMATRON+ and upward compatible to ISOBUS this implement is the bridge between the NON-ISOBUS and the ISOBUS world.

Terminal Amapad

Terminal AMAPAD

With the new, innovative AMAPAD operator terminal Amazone provides a comprehensive and high class solution for  GPS application, GPS based part width section control, steering systems and for Precision Farming application.  

AmaPilot+ – Everything from a single source!


Thanks to the AUX-N functionality very many functions of the machine can be operated in the work menu with your AmaPilot+ or other capable ISOBUS Multi function sticks.

Task Controller

The TaskController (TC) allows the data recording of the machine and the data exchange between machine and a Farm Management Information System.



GPS-Switch in conjunction with a GPS receiver allows the instantenous switching (on/off, part width section switching) of AMAZONE crop protection sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, and pneumatic seed drills.



The GPS track parallel guidance system proves to be a huge help for orientation within the field, especially also on grassland or fields without tramline tracks. It features different track modes, such as A-B line and contour following. The tracks are clearly numbered all the way through. The deviation from the ideal line is graphically shown in the Display via an integrated lightbar. Clear steer recinnendations always keep you in the track. At AmaPad the GPS-Track function is integrated as standard in the status line.



GPS-Maps für AMATRON 3

GPS Maps provides the convenient part area specific management because this software module allows the easy processing of application maps in the shape format. In this way both the wanted rate of the material to be applicated or directly also the intended agent amount can be processed. This functionality is standard in AmaPad and can be added for AmaTron 3 and AmaTron 4 via the "GPS-Maps" or "GPS-Maps&Doc" software packages.

GPS-Maps is an intuitive System for the processing of application maps
- Automatic part-area specific Regulation of the application rate
- Optimum crop management due to needs-oriented application